I am an applied statistician and econometrician with more than 21 years of experience in creative mathematical and statistical problem solving.  My strongest skills are in designing statistical tests and methodologies and in finding the statistical technique that is best suited to the problem at hand.
Much of my work has been focused on ferreting out the patterns in data - finding the trends, inconsistencies, or irregularities that help to illuminate my clients’ work.  I have extensive experience in reading and responding to the research or statistical work of other experts. 
When working with clients, I often find myself in the role of teacher and I enjoy communicating complex statistical issues to both practitioners and lay people.  I have worked with data from a diverse array of industries and can quickly get up to speed by researching a particular market or industry.
I have extensive experience in applied data analysis, particularly with applied econometric modeling and time series analysis.  Some of my specific statistical skills include:
  • Analysis of cross-sectional data
  • Systems of regression equations
  • Discrete and Limited dependent (logit/multinomial) and latent variables analysis
  • Analysis of time series data, including ARIMA modeling, event studies, forecasting, and simulation
  • GLM, ANOVA, and other multivariate regression techniques
  • Analysis of longitudinal (panel) data
  • Survey design and sampling analysis
  • Extensive knowledge of statistical software packages, including SAS, GAUSS, Stata, and EViews
  • Experience working with large databases
  • Simulation and Monte Carlo methods
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